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Tilburg University to collaborate intensively in the region for Broad Prosperity

Published: 14th March 2023 Last updated: 16th May 2023

The government has pledged € 12.5 million as part of a regional deal to invest in central Brabant for improving the quality of the living and working environment of both residents and entrepreneurs. The money is intended to give a major boost to Broad Prosperity in our region.

A proposal developed by the regional development organization Midpoint Brabant last Fall in close cooperation with, among others, Tilburg University, MindLabs and the municipality of Tilburg, has been approved.

New collaboration opportunities

For Tilburg University, this regional deal (Regio Deal) offers many opportunities to apply its knowledge on Broad Prosperity in co-creation with entrepreneurs, citizens, government, civil society organizations, and other educational institutions. Broad Prosperity is not merely about income of economic production: it is also about other aspects that people value, such as health, social connection, and sustainability. The university’s Academic Collaborative Centers have a prominent role in the areas of Broad Prosperity, climate and energy transition, health and digitalization, and an inclusive labor market.

We are very pleased with this funding because it allows us to make an even better contribution to our region with our knowledge and expertise in the areas of climate and energy, health and digitalization. We have worked hard on the proposal in good collaboration, it is great to see our efforts rewarded.

- Jantine Schuit, Vice-Rector Magnificus

Towards a final Regio Deal

In a Regio Deal, regions and national government work together to tackle complex issues. The government funds a maximum of half of the required investment; the rest is contributed by partners in the region. In the coming months, the collaboration between the various parties involved will be further elaborated. This will lead to a final deal with the government by the middle of this year.

Setting up this partnership is one of the first results of Tilburg University's new Ecosystems team. Both the Academic Collaborative Centers and Ecosystems are new activities following the university's 'Weaving Minds & Characters - Strategy towards 2027'.