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Rector Magnificus, Pedel (Beadle), and Decaan (Dean), Tilburg University craft beers

Published: 28th September 2021 Last updated: 28th September 2021

Rector Magnificus, Pedel (Beadle), and Decaan (Dean). Prominent positions at the university, but now they are also types of craft beer. “Actually, we are quite proud that we have managed to have our own craft beer brewed locally for the university,” says Paul Hoeijmans, Managing Director of Facility Services. On behalf of Tilburg University, he was involved in the collaboration with the Bonheur catering group and city brewery Stadsbrouwerij 013. “We are very pleased to have found these enthusiastic partners to realize this idea.”

Paul explains how the collaboration was started after a survey into the catering facilities on the campus: “Because we wanted to know what students and employees thought of our catering facilities, we conducted a broad survey in 2018 to have input for the new catering tender in 2020. One of the results was that a lot of variation in the food was important to customers – ranging from a super healthy vegetarian poke bowl to a “Jantje” burger. The survey also revealed a desire to cater to the growing interest in craft beer. When we floated this idea with Bonheur – that operates Grand Café Esplanade –, they were thrilled. They brought Stadsbrouwerij 013 on board to make this initially rather wild idea practically feasible.”

Of course they had to come up with appropriate names. “We began with a whole list of university terms and tested what name would best fit what style of beer. Rector Magnificus, for instance, is a bit stronger, so we gave the Tripel that name. We also wanted a New England IPA and an accessible blonde ale, so we also tried to find names to suit those.” Paul admits that initially the idea was to start with one craft beer only. But since all parties were so enthusiastic, they had the brewer do a series of three styles. “The aim now is to have an additional new one brewed every year. Who knows the remaining names on the list are up next!”

Of each new beer style, 1,000 liters were brewed using regional products. Ingredients are even sourced from city forest Stadsbos 013, such as the elderflower blossom for the Dean beer. “It is quite the experiment,” Paul states, “Esplanade is going to see how it goes and if there is sufficient demand.” His verdict on the first three beer styles: “The beers are very different but, in my opinion, they are all really good.” Our Beadles and Rector Magnificus introduced the beer on September 2 during the opening of the completely restyled Grand Café Esplanade and were also immediately enthusiastic.

Are you curious about the new beers? You can order them at Grand Café Esplanade, O’Café, and the Olympia Sports Bar or buy the special gift box. They are now also available on Untappd.