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Keuzegids Universiteiten 2021: Five Tilburg University Bachelor’s programs rank # 1

Published: 26th November 2020 Last updated: 26th November 2020

The Keuzegids Universiteiten 2021 shows that students have ranked five Tilburg University Bachelor’s programs as the best in their field. In the annual Keuzegids Universiteiten, all academic Bachelor’s programs are compared, largely based on student satisfaction measured through the National Student Survey (NSE). In the overall ranking of Dutch universities, Tilburg University achieves a tied 5th position.

Across all Bachelor’s programs, Tilburg University scores 63.5 points in the new edition of the Keuzegids. This score is higher than in the edition of last year (62). The national average of the assessments of all universities is 61.8. In this year’s Keuzegids, the best scoring university is again Wageningen University, with 73 points.

Economics, Philosophy and Online Culture top-rated programs

With a total score of 86, the Economics Bachelor belongs to the top of Dutch academic education. This program has therefore been awarded the ‘top-rated program’ quality label by the CHOI (Center for Higher Education Information, the editor of the Keuzegids) – as in previous years. The Philosophy and Online Culture Bachelor’s programs achieved total scores of 80 and 76 respectively and may therefore also use the 'top-rated program’ quality label. This label is awarded to any program with a total score of at least 75 points.

Five Bachelor’s programs best in their field

Economics, Philosophy and Online Culture all achieve higher scores than their competitors and are therefore not only top-rated programs, but can also call themselves the best programs in their fields. The Tax Law and Global Law Bachelor’s programs also achieve the highest scores in their own rankings, making them the number 1 programs in their fields.

Methodology Keuzegids Universiteiten 2021

Because the NSE was not conducted in 2020, the rankings in the 2021 edition of Keuzegids are based on the same student satisfaction data as last year (NSE 2019). The shifts in the rankings are caused by the fact that current study success information was also used to calculate the new total scores and because no expert judgements (from accreditation reports) could be used in the calculations anymore.

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