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Klaas Sijtsma receives Psychometric Society Career Award for Lifetime Achievement

Published: 14th February 2023 Last updated: 14th February 2023

Emeritus Professor of Methodology and Statistics of Psychological Research Klaas Sijtsma has won the prestigious Psychometric Society Career Award for Lifetime Achievement. He is receiving this award in honor of the widespread and positive impact of his work in the field of psychometrics.

Klaas Sijtsma: "The Psychometric Society has existed since 1935. It stands in a long and impressive tradition which is reflected for example in the renowned journal Psychometrika, and is pre-eminently the professional association ("learned society") for psychometricians. That I may receive this award is a wonderful recognition by my peers. I feel very honored by this." 

Sijtsma had been a professor of Methodology and Statistics of Psychological Research at Tilburg University since 1997. He was affiliated with TSB's Department of Methodology and Statistics from 1997 to 2022, of which he was chairman from 2000 to 2010. He worked intensively with many colleagues inside and outside Tilburg and supervised many PhD students.

He devoted his entire career to the quality of measurements of psychological traits in the field of intelligence and personality, especially the development of statistical measurement models that measurement data must satisfy in order to speak of a scale for traits. Later, he was also concerned with ensuring and improving the quality and integrity of science by maximizing data disclosure and involving statisticians in research projects.

About the Career Award for Lifetime Achievement

With the Career Award for Lifetime Achievement, the Psychometric Society honors individuals whose publications, presentations and professional activities over a career have had a widespread positive impact on the field of psychometrics. These contributions may include major theoretical or methodological developments, applications of psychometric theory and methods that have influenced substantive research in psychology, educational measurement or related fields, or innovative ideas that have significantly influenced psychometric practice.

The award will be presented next summer during IMPS2023 at the University of Maryland. Klaas will also be a guest speaker at a plenary session here.

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