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Tilburg University student-athlete Luuk van Gestel wins National Student Cycling Championship

Published: 20th September 2021 Last updated: 20th September 2021

Student Bedrijfseconomie Luuk van Gestel (21) can proudly call himself the best studying cyclist of the Netherlands for the next year. In a parcour around Eindhoven Luuk proofed to be the strongest cyclist of the day.

Congratulations Luuk!

Luuk van Gestel Nederlands Studenten Kampioenschap wielrennen



After the accomplishment Luuk is happy to let us know: 'due to the fine elite sports environment at Tilburg University, I can now call myself the best studying cyclist of the Netherlands'.

Dual career at Tilburg University

Tilburg University is proud of its students with Dual Careers (such as sports, performing arts or entrepreneurship). The university supports these students in the best way possible in order to facilitate the successful combination of their two careers.