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Free menstrual products available on campus

Published: 01st March 2022 Last updated: 01st March 2022

Free menstrual products have now become available on campus. A menstrual cabinet has been installed in the gender-neutral toilets in CUBE where students and staff can grab free tampons or pads in case of an emergency.

The cabinet with free tampons and pads is an initiative of student fraction SAM. Research shows that 1 in 10 women in the Netherlands does not always have enough money to pay for menstrual products, also known as period poverty. This occurs most often in the age group 18 - 24 years, which includes many students.

More information

The gender-neutral toilets in CUBE are located on the first floor, next to the catering area. Both students and staff can grab menstrual products from this cabinet. The contents of this cabinet are not only for students who experience period poverty, but also for those who unexpectedly need a product. The products are solely intended for emergencies. We ask everyone to make honest and responsible use of them. If you don’t need the products, please leave them for someone who does.

The cabinet is restocked weekly by SAM. Do you have any questions? Then send an email to