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New book: How can organizations contribute to a more sustainable future?

Published: 16th May 2022 Last updated: 16th May 2022

Hunger, inequality, climate change… Today’s world faces many great challenges on individual, organizational and societal level. What role can organizations play in the solutions and how can new forms of organizing contribute? “The main question is how to achieve big things with little people” says organizational scientist Jörg Raab. Together with Federica Angeli and Ashley Metz he wrote a new book on organizing for Sustainable Development. “Our ambition is to consolidate and advance the contribution of Organization and Management Studies towards the pursuit of Sustainable Development.”

How is it possible that a life saving and affordable medicine for dhiarrea for children failed to gain a foothold in the poorest population in India?" The book Organizing for Sustainable Development attempts to unravel scientific theories and corporate strategies to find answers to questions like these.

“Our new book responds to a compelling call to develop a finer-grained understanding of novel forms of organizing that can more efficiently and effectively channel resources whilst developing new norms and values towards a more sustainable future.” 

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