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The Tilburg Educational Profile: next implementation phase

Published: 17th March 2020 Last updated: 30th March 2020

In 2015, the policy paper on the Tilburg Educational Profile [hyperlink] (TEP) was published and a great deal has since been done to implement TEP within and outside the educational programs of Tilburg University.

Specifically, throughout the University and at the individual Schools ten actions are being carried out, and to date a large portion of the implementation process has been completed successfully. For example, all Bachelor’s programs now offer 12 ECs worth of skills-related course work, curriculum teams have formed, and the PASS mentoring program was implemented at nearly all Schools. And last but not least, more attention is now being paid in education to developing character, small-scale learning activities, and labor market orientation. As a result, students increasingly see the combined pillars of Knowledge, Skills, and Character reflected in their degree programs.

While these actions have not yet been fully completed, TEP has entered its next implementation phase, which revolves around the following main actions:

  1. Character development: by late 2019 the ‘five dimensions of academic character development’ were defined as well as how these dimensions are to be implemented. This particular action has already been launched: currently all Schools are in the process of taking stock of which elements of character development have already been embedded in their respective degree programs.
  2. Internationalization: developing new activities regarding the internationalization of the curriculum.
  3. Labor market orientation: adequately preparing students for a successful start on the dynamic job market.

The organizational set-up is undergoing a change: the activities will be integrated as far as possible with regular Division or School processes, such as Student Career Center, Teacher Development, and Deep. Jeroen Kuilman, Vice-Dean for Education at TiSEM, will be responsible for coordination as of March 31, 2020.


More information? Visit the Tilburg Educational Profile website