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Next step in program Recognition & Rewards: Outcomes dialogue sessions are input for policy development

Published: 08th June 2021 Last updated: 08th June 2021

Our academics excel in many different areas: research, education, societal impact, leadership and team spirit. Tilburg University actively contributes to the national movement to achieve both a system and a cultural change that leads to a more equal appreciation of this diversity of talents. The Tilburg University Committee Recognition & Rewards has entered into a dialogue with the academic community regarding the new approach to recognition and rewards. The sessions produced many suggestions for concrete solutions.

In the period January through April 2021, dialogue sessions were organized within the Tilburg University Schools about the ideas and intentions of Recognition & Rewards. This in response to the Tilburg University vision as expressed in Room for Everyone's Talent: The Tilburg University Ambition. In addition to the dialogue sessions, the Committee also met with the University Council, the Labor Representation Board, the Tilburg PhD Platform (TiPP), and the Tilburg Young Academy.

Enthusiasm and critical comments

There was much enthusiasm and a warm welcome for the ideas of more attention for talent development and more room for differentiation in one's own career according to one's own preferences and strengths. A differentiation that is made possible by recognizing five core domains: education, research, societal impact, leadership, and team spirit. Everyone remains active in education and research, but the accents across the five domains may differ per person and per position and may be subject to change during a person’s career.

Naturally, there were also many questions and critical comments. These related mainly to the facilitation of talent development, concretization of the core domains and associated assessment criteria, alignment between individual and team interests, the importance of maintaining the international position, and transfer opportunities to universities elsewhere.

Recommendations Executive Board

For the Recognition & Rewards Committee, these reactions are important input for further policy development. The Committee will—partly based on the outcomes of the dialogue sessions and the findings of the working groups in the core areas—come up with recommendations before the summer that will be presented to the Executive Board and the Deans. These recommendations will form input for the Tilburg University Strategy for the period 2022–2027.

More information Recognition & Rewards

More information about the activities of the Recognition & Rewards Committee and the subsequent steps can be found at the website of Recognition & Rewards. The document summarizing the responses and concrete suggestions has been published on this website.