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Tilburg University welcomes entrepreneurial students and startups to Deprez building on Spoorzone Campus

Published: 21st June 2022 Last updated: 30th June 2022

Tilburg University has concrete plans to establish an additional IQONIC incubator in the Deprez building in the Spoorzone Campus. It will be the place for students and startups where education and entrepreneurship come together. This news was announced by Paulina Snijders, vice president of the Executive Board, at the meeting in honor of the fifteenth anniversary of the IQONIC incubator.

Interaction between education and practice 

The bustling Spoorzone is the place where you, as an enterprising student and startup, want to be in the middle of. By moving into the Deprez building, it is the first time that entrepreneurship education (including the Bachelor Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation) and the incubator are so close together. This has the advantage of even more interaction between education and practice. This interaction will further increase when, in the future, Tilburg University startups will also move into Building 90 and Building 84.  

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Entrepreneurship and Tilburg University 

IQONIC represents and supports all aspects of entrepreneurship within Tilburg University. Students, alumni, academics and employees are helped to further develop their entrepreneurial mindset, so they can make a difference in society. This is done by stimulating and supporting creativity and innovation. 

15 Years of the IQONIC Incubator 

Currently, the IQONIC incubator is located in the Intermezzo building. Here, starting entrepreneurs (students and scientists of Tilburg University) get the chance to develop quickly from innovative idea to successful company in a dynamic environment. In the past 15 years more than 250 starting entrepreneurs have been supported in the incubator.