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EDUiLAB: Let’s innovate together

Published: 01st April 2021 Last updated: 06th April 2021

EDUiLAB (Educational Innovation Lab) is the place where education and innovation converge at Tilburg University. Innovation projects of Schools and programs are facilitated as well as initiated and individual experiments are coordinated here. All innovation projects are aimed to further develop students’ talents, to increase their knowledge, and to equip them to contribute to society. Staff with ideas for projects or experiments with new technologies in education can count on EDUiLAB’s support. With EDUiLAB, we set innovative educational ideas in motion.

EDUiLAB Innovation Room

EDUiLAB’s home base is the Innovation Room. The space is dominated by a huge wall covered in whiteboards with the latest audiovisual technology. The Innovation Room offers a flexible, multi-functional education space that encourages collaboration, learning, and innovation with the support of new technologies. 

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