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Best thesis award Organization Studies for MSc research on workplace exclusion

Published: 15th December 2021 Last updated: 16th December 2021

Master student Marijn Krol received the 'J.J.J. van Dijck Award' for best master thesis during the annual Fall Graduation Day of the Department of Organization Studies. He received this award for his research into the extent to which people feel ignored or excluded at work and what effect this has on them. A very topical and relevant subject, especially in these times when a lot of work has to be done at home due to coronation measures. Thesis supervisor Hans van Dijk: "Marijn has shown a lot of creativity and perseverance. This has led to the development of new theoretical insights that contribute to the literature, which is unique for a master thesis." The Department of OS warmly congratulates Marijn Krol on this outstanding achievement!

In his thesis, Marijn addressed a theoretical issue in the literature about how people respond to exclusion. After feeling excluded, some people tend to adapt their behavior to the environment so they will not be excluded in the future, while others withdraw or even resign themselves. Marijn conducted interviews with employees who have experienced exclusion and found that people initially doubt themselves and try to adapt to the environment. However, after repeated experiences of exclusion, a clear boiling point follows, after which people protect themselves by withdrawing. While conducting his study, Marijn overcame setbacks in collecting his data, showing that even when the research process does not go as planned, students can still rise to the challenge and deliver an excellent final product.

Thesis award Marijn Krol

The 'J.J.J. van Dijck Award' for the best master thesis is presented annually during the Fall Graduation Day for the bachelor Organization Sciences and master Organization Studies. This year, 52 bachelor and 59 master students officially received their diploma during this event on Saturday, December 4.

About the J.J.J. van Dijck thesis award

Professor Jules van Dijck, who passed away in 2013, was the founder of two social science departments within TSB: Organization Studies (OS) and Human Resource Studies (HRS). He was head of the OS department for more than 20 years. During this time, student enrollment in our programs increased significantly. Moreover, Prof. van Dijck was among the academic leaders who founded TIAS Business School at Tilburg University. In memory of his achievements, the Department of OS honors Prof. Jules van Dijck with this annual thesis award.

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Download the thesis titled Experiencing and reacting to workplace exclusion, a receiver's perspective here

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