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Pattern Dathaton 2021 in collaboration with Elisabeth-Twee Steden Hospital and Impact Program

Published: 15th June 2021 Last updated: 24th June 2021

On June 4, 2021, the datathon took place on campus: a joint initiative of study association D.S.A. Pattern, the Elisabeth-Twee Steden Hospital and the Impact Program. In the datathon, students work with anonymized data from brain scans of patients with brain tumors. They try to find out if it is possible to better predict cognitive functioning, by looking at brain activity and connections between different areas of the brain.

The Impact Program realizes impact on society together with partners. One of the partners is the Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital and after years of collaboration at project level, the collaboration is now anchored in the We Care Program. This program was the perfect setting for the datathon: data contains a lot of information about the development and effectiveness of treatments. It is great to see that the connection with enthusiastic students now has been made: a win-win situation for both the students and the researchers and specialists. Students are given the opportunity to work directly on societal issues. They learn different skills than in regular education. And that ties in nicely with Tilburg's educational vision of shaping students into involved and socially engaged citizens.