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Dissertation awards 2019 for Antje Neumann and Koen van der Swaluw

Published: 16th January 2020 Last updated: 15th April 2020

The prizes for the best Dissertations of the year 2019 were awarded by Rector Magnificus prof. Klaas Sijtsma to Antje Neumann of the Tilburg Law School and Koen van der Swaluw of Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences on the 16th of January. They received a certificate and a money prize. The jury, composed by the vice-deans research, selected the dissertations based on outstanding scientific quality and are considered as the start of a promising career.

Koen van der Swaluw’s dissertation is entitled: Commitment Lotteries, Overcoming procrastination of lifestyle improvement with regret aversion. Van der Swaluw developed an instrument that allows people of all income and education levels to sport and exercise more, without interfering with their freedom of choice, without calling in (scarce) care personnel and without high costs.

Antje Neumann wrote her thesis on: Wilderness protection in Polar Regions – Arctic lessons learnt for the regulation and management of tourism in the Antarctic.

She showed that growing tourism in Antarctica, besides other human activities, is posing an increasing threat to the wilderness. And in order to improve protection, the Antarctic Treaty Parties should take urgent action and find a common approach.

dissertatieprijs 2019

After long deliberations because both dissertations received the same score, it was finally decided to award the first prize to Antje Neumann and the second prize to Koen van der Swaluw. The jury was very impressed by highly innovative nature of Antje’s dissertation and the great societal impact of her research. Her research method for examining regulation in the field of wilderness protection can rightly be called groundbreaking.


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