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Podcast 'Teaching and Learning Online'

Published: 07th July 2020 Last updated: 28th July 2020

Teaching and Learning Online is a new podcast from the Educational Innovation Lab (EDUiLAB) at Tilburg University, which is all about innovation, trends and myths in online education.

In the podcast various lecturers and students of Tilburg University will talk about experiences, blunders, tips and wishes with regard to online teaching and learning. So make it comfortable for yourself and listen to casual stories from the lives of lecturers and students.

NEW - Episode 3 | Every challenge is an opportunity

Carlie Rosmalen has climbed a pretty steep learning curve recently. And no, she is not a student, but a teacher. She began her teaching career in December 2019 at the Tilburg School of Economics and Management, in February she started co-teaching her first course with almost 600 students, and in March she was forced to move her classes online.

In this last episode of the first season we ask Carlie how she managed to put up with her new role, and invited one of her students, Nick van Gastel, to share how it was to be part of such a massive course as Marketing Management is.

Episode 2 | The 1,500 km University

If our guests had had to come to campus for the recording of this episode, their total travel distance would have added up to almost 1,500 km. That is because Shirley Kempeneer, an instructor at the Tilburg Law School, lives in Belgium, and Erika Pauliukevičiūtė, a student at the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences, spends the last semester in Sweden.

In this vivid episode we hear about how to design an online class in which students actively engage with the instructor and each other, how to iron clothes while listening to a lecture, and whether the 1,500 km would be worth the trip for our guests or whether they would prefer to continue teaching and learning online.

Episode 1 | Man Proposes, God Disposes

In February 2020 William started teaching a course called Pastoral work and religious education. The highlight of the course was an assignment where students had to go out and collect real-world data. But then, "Man proposes, March disposes..."

In the first episode we connect online with William Arfman, lecturer from the School of Catholic Theology, and his student Rieks Hekman to talk about their experience with online education in the last turbulent semester. They share anecdotes from the course, tips for how to self-manage during distance teaching and learning, and their wishes for the next academic year.

Sneak Peek

Check out the Sneak Peek of episode 1.