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Preliminary registrations at Tilburg University: Student numbers stabilize

Published: 10th November 2022 Last updated: 10th November 2022

In the academic year 2022/2023, 19,943 students are registered at Tilburg University. The preliminary registration figures for next year suggest that student numbers seem to stabilize. In the Bachelor’s phase, there will be an additional 408 students, the number of Master’s students will be 150 lower. The most notable drop concerns the pre-Master’s programs: 569 fewer students have registered. In total, the preliminary figures for Tilburg University indicate 311 fewer students compared to the academic year 2021/2022.

Slight increase in Bachelor’s intake

Based on the preliminary figures, we see a slight increase in the Bachelor’s intake, mainly as a result of a small increase in international students (+80) and pupils who have completed Dutch pre-university education (+10). The national figure shows a slight decrease in the Bachelor’s intake of pre-university education pupils. The main reason is thought to be the reintroduction of the basic student grant in academic year 2023/2024, as a result of which pupils in pre-university education probably wait one year so they can receive a basic student grant right from the start of their studies.

Slight decrease in (pre-)Master’s intake

Our Master’s and pre-Master’s intake is decreasing. The main reason is the rapidly improving labor market. As a result, fewer students with a Bachelor’s from a research university or university of applied sciences enroll in a (pre­-)Master’s program.

Increase in international student numbers leveling off

Of all students registered in 2022, 4,521 are international students, 73% being European students. In total, that is an increase of 267 students relative to the last academic year: a rise of 6.2%. From 2017, the increase in international students averaged at 14%. This is the first year that we see this increase leveling off. The joint message to international students to only travel to the Netherlands if they had already found a room seems to have landed: despite more eligible preliminary registrations, slightly fewer international students have started a program at Tilburg University. The total percentage of international students registered here is 22.6%, the majority of them from Europe.

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