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Professor Jantine Schuit appointed in new position: member of Executive Board and Vice-Rector Magnificus

Published: 31st August 2020 Last updated: 10th September 2020

The Tilburg University Board of Governors has appointed Professor Jantine Schuit as a member of the Executive Board as well as Vice-Rector Magnificus of the University, effective November 19, 2020. This new dual position was established following the combination of the roles of Rector Magnificus and President of the Executive Board. Schuit has been the Dean of the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Professor of Health, Behavior and Society since 2017. The portfolios will be further elaborated in mutual consultation within the Executive Board.

Schuit (1964) has worked as the head of the Food, Prevention and Care Center (Centrum Voeding, Preventie en Zorg) of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). In addition, she was affiliated to Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam as an endowed professor of Health Promotion and Policy, where she supervised various PhD researchers and taught Master’s and Bachelor’s students on the subject of public health, prevention, and health policy. An important personal motivation in her work is to contribute, through academic research, to well-founded policy measures and effective and efficient preventive interventions.

She studied Health Education as well as Household and Consumer Studies in Wageningen. Between 1990 and 1997, she worked at Wageningen University as a researcher and earned her PhD with a study into the effect of an exercise program on risk factors for cardiovascular disorders among the elderly. After that, she worked at various RIVM research centers, first as a junior and senior researcher and project manager and later in various management positions.

Jantine Schuit:

‘In the past three years, I have tremendously enjoyed working at the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences and, as its Dean, I was able to contribute to the development of this fine and strongly growing School. I would now like to use this experience and the insights it has brought me, as well as my internal and external networks, for the benefit of the University as a whole. I look forward to doing so with my Executive Board colleagues and the Deans.’

Hugo Reumkens, President of the Board of Governors of Katholieke Universiteit Brabant:

‘The academic track record and leadership of Professor A.J. Schuit and her vision on the entire spectrum of the strengths and challenges of Tilburg University are highly appreciated. The diversity within the new Executive Board makes for a positive contribution to the functioning of the Executive Board and Tilburg University. Her appointment offers an opportunity to give further motivation to the current positive experiences with university-wide cooperation and a professional and quality-oriented management of Tilburg University's strategic research and education policy.’