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Launch Program Recognition & Rewards at Tilburg University

Published: 31st August 2020 Last updated: 24th September 2020

Our academics excel in many different areas: research, education, societal impact, leadership and team spirit. Tilburg University actively contributes to the national movement to achieve both a system and a cultural change that leads to a more equal appreciation of this diversity of talents. In order to start a dialogue, the Steering Committee Recognition & Rewards has drawn up a vision and ambition for Tilburg University.

With the national position paper Room for Everyone’s Talent as a source of inspiration, the Tilburg University Steering Committee Recognition & Rewards, commissioned by the Executive Board, formulated a vision and ambition. This aspiration paper was presented on August 31 and forms the starting point for a dialogue about the broad recognition and appreciation of the various talents of our academic staff, in the fields of research, education, social impact, leadership and team spirit. The Commission invites all academics to actively participate in this dialogue.

They deserve recognition and appreciation

The recent period has demanded a lot from our academics. They have made efforts to make the transition to online education in a very short period of time, adapted their research plans and worked on explaining the impact of the Corona crisis to a wide audience. They took over tasks from colleagues and worked closely together as a team. These efforts, which are of great importance to our organization, to our students, and to society, deserve recognition and appreciation. That is why Tilburg University has chosen to present its aspiration document at this time.

More information about the Tilburg University program on Recognition & Rewards (only available for employees). 

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