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The relationship between microdosing psychedelics and feeling authentically

Published: 31st May 2023 Last updated: 31st May 2023

A scientific article exploring the effects of microdosing psychedelics on feeling authentic has been published. The authors found that microdosing was related to higher ratings of state authenticity.

The reason for this connection was the quantity, type, and satisfaction with the activities that participants took part in on the days they microdosed. On the days when participants took microdoses, they tended to do more chores, cooking, hobbies, reading, and writing. They also reported greater satisfaction with these activities. This suggests that microdosing may help individuals align their behavior with their personal values and goals.

The article is available Open Access.

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This is an article that was published using data collected partially from Tilburg University students. A coverage of the study and initial results was published in Univers Online