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Research project "Optimization for and with Machine Learning" receives ENW-Groot grant

Published: 12th March 2020 Last updated: 12th March 2020

A major research project applied for by Prof. Dr. Dick den Hertog, Prof. Dr. Etienne de Klerk, and Prof. Dr. Monique Laurent, has been awarded an ENW-Groot grant from the NWO Domain Science (Exacte en Natuurwetenschappen, ENW). These grants, totaling over EUR 47 million, are intended for consortia in which research groups collaborate in curiosity-driven, independent fundamental research.

The project, led by Tilburg University Professor Dick den Hertog, is called Optimization for and with Machine Learning (OPTIMAL) and has been awarded the sum total of EUR 2.5 million. In addition to Tilburg University, the following organizations are involved in the project: Delft University of Technology and the Amsterdam Center for Mathematics and Informatics (CWI).

Optimization for and with Machine Learning (OPTIMAL)

Machine learning often makes the headlines because of such sensational applications as image recognition and self-driving cars. In constructing machine learning models, such as deep learning and random forests, mathematical optimization plays a prominent part. In the first stage of the project the researchers aim to better understand the performance of existing optimization techniques for machine learning and to develop faster and improved optimization techniques. In the second stage machine learning techniques will be used to resolve optimization problems with greater speed and accuracy. The new techniques will be applied to classification problems for medical treatments, the identification of genetic relationships, food distribution chains for the World Food Programme, and self-driving cars.