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New research into successful video interviews for job applicants

Published: 11th November 2021 Last updated: 11th November 2021

Can algorithms automatically review applicant video interviews? And if so: what do the applicants think of that technology? These questions are at the heart of new research by organizational psychologist Djurre Holtrop. He is working on an AI-driven program that can automatically assess video recordings for work-related personality traits. “Applying via video is becoming increasingly common, especially in times of corona. We are investigating how we can make this more fun and easier.”

Djurre Holtrop: “We see more and more that organizations, in the first selection round, have job applicants perform a video interview. In these interviews, the applicants record themselves as they answer interview questions. This recording will then be reviewed later by a recruiter. In our project we look at what applicants think of this technology and how we can make it more fun. We are also developing a program to automatically assess the recordings for work-relevant personality traits, such as how organized someone is.”

Participants wanted

The research by Djurre Holtrop and colleagues is being conducted in collaboration with and the VU University Amsterdam. A platform allows people to practice recording a video interview and let them know what they think. In this way, the necessary data is also collected. It is still possible to participate.

View the platform and record your own video-interview