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Reusable water bottles in vending machines as of today

Published: 08th October 2019 Last updated: 16th March 2020

As of October 8, Tilburg University offers you a sustainable alternative to the single-use plastic water bottle in the vending machines. With a little more investment, you get one of the newly introduced reusable bottles that can be refilled over and over again at one of the water taps. By doing so, you will contribute to reduce the amount of plastic waste produced on campus.

Join the Pipe

The new reusable bottles can be recognized by their totally white design with typical Dutch icons. They are BPA-free produced in the Netherlands by Join the Pipe. Join the Pipe tries to tackle the plastic soup by providing reusable bottles and water taps.

What about the other bottles?

Although not manufactured as a reusable bottle yet, the Chaudfontaine water bottles in the vending machine are made of recycled plastic, which is already one step forward. Still, the reusable bottles are an even better option as those reduce waste.

Towards a sustainable university

Tilburg University is committed to a sustainable society by contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The introduction of the reusable bottles touches upon multiple SDG’s: 12. Responsible consumption and production, 14. Life below water and 15. Life on land.

Share your thoughts

The change from single-use plastic bottles to reusable plastic bottles is the result of an initiative taken by a student in collaboration with Facility Services and Maas International. Do you also have an idea on how we can become more sustainable as a university? Please share your thoughts via