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Lex Meijdam very happy with the Social and Behavioral Sciences sector plan 2020-2025

Published: 12th February 2021 Last updated: 12th February 2021

The Disciplineorgaan Sociale Wetenschappen (DSW) presented its sector plan 'From Insight to Impact' on Thursday, February 11. The plan of the joint social sciences schools calls for working on solutions to urgent social issues and strengthening the impact of science. Lex Meijdam, interim dean of TSB, is very pleased with the plan.

Working on resilient societies, transparent science and connection to the labor market - these are the major issues that the Social and Behavioral Sciences of the Dutch universities focus on.

The plan was presented to Marcelis Boereboom, Director-General of Higher Education at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, and VSNU President Pieter Duisenberg. The plan serves as a background document for its Science Vision and additional investments in research from the national budget.

Interdisciplinary themes

Prof. Lex Meijdam says in a response that he is very pleased with this sector plan. Meijdam: “As the title ‘From Insight to Impact’ already indicates, it fits well with the strategy of the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences and the interdisciplinary themes we have chosen. These interdisciplinary themes are: resilience in youth, mental illness, the human factor in new technologies, social transition and behavioral change, social inequality and diversity. These fit our profile perfectly. ”

DSW consists of the deans of all the schools of Social and Social and Behavioral Sciences at Dutch universities. The schools will work together intensively in the coming years on five major social challenges. Prof. Jantine Schuit, former dean of TSB, chaired DSW in 2020 and co-drafted the sector plan.

More detail

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