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GoAbout pilot: share bikes and electric shared cars not extended

Published: 01st December 2022 Last updated: 01st December 2022

Since November 2021, students and staff of Tilburg University had been using GoAbout's shared bicycles and electric shared cars. These sustainable means of transportation were available as a pilot for the period of 1 year. It was decided not to extend this pilot. This means that the facilities will no longer be available on campus as of December 31, 2022.

Pilot GoAbout

Sustainability is an important consideration factor when making business trips. In addition, the distance between university buildings has increased with campus expansions. During the pilot with GoAbout, employees could easily plan, book, make and claim their business travel. There was only a choice of sustainable transport: public transport, shared bike or electric car.

Municipality of Tilburg regulates shared transport

GoAbout's facilities will no longer be available on the Tilburg University campus as of December 31, 2022. The main reason for this is prompted by the rapid developments in the market in the field of shared transport. Various sharing systems (car, bicycle, scooter, step) have been introduced in the Netherlands in recent years. The municipality of Tilburg is currently taking steps to regulate the supply. One of the ways it is doing this is by limiting the provision of shared transport within the municipality. Tilburg University wants to investigate the extent to which we can make use of the possibilities offered by the city in this regard as a follow-up to the pilot.

Sustainable transport

Tilburg University recognizes the importance of sustainable transportation and will investigate in the coming period what kind of offer connects with our target groups. Among other things by talking with the regular providers of shared transport within the municipality of Tilburg, but also by learning from our experience with shared transport within our pilot with GoAbout.
In the short term, colleagues who have used the GoAbout facilities in the past period will be approached about what steps they should take when the pilot ends. In addition, we will interview some of them to hear their experience with the facilities. This feedback will be used in the study of the possibilities of a new form or provider of partial transportation.