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SSH signs Tilburg Student Housing Covenant

Published: 22nd May 2023 Last updated: 26th May 2023

Tilburg, May 22, 2023 - SSH Student Housing has signed the Student Accommodation Covenant of the City of Tilburg. Given the great shortage of student accommodation in Tilburg, SSH wants to realize hundreds of extra units for students. The focus will be on affordable student rooms.

Rob Donninger, director at SSH Student Housing: "At SSH, we have been committed to providing affordable and suitable housing for students for years. We therefore see it as our responsibility to contribute to solving the housing problems in Tilburg. We are excited to participate in the Covenant and look forward to pleasant collaboration with all parties involved."

Tilburg student city

Tilburgs Convenant Studentenhuisvesting

By signing the Covenant, SSH commits itself to the agreements made about student accommodation in Tilburg. This means, among other things, that SSH will commit itself to realizing good quality student accommodation. SSH will also actively promote the livability of the area and the development of sustainable student accommodation.

Member of the City of Tilburg Executive Yusuf Çelik (Housing, Communities, and Integration) is very pleased with SSH joining the Tilburg Student Accommodation Covenant: "Students and knowledge workers are important for the future of our city. More and more students choose to continue living and working in Tilburg after graduation. This is only possible if there are sufficient and high-quality homes for these workers. The 2022-2026 Tilburg Coalition Agreement “Meer voor elkaar” (“Getting more done”) therefore expresses our commitment to working even harder with our partners, which include housing corporations and educational institutions, to provide more affordable student accommodation. With SSH joining the Covenant, we have signed up a stakeholder with a great deal of knowledge in this area, so that we can further expand, with even more confidence, the existing policy objective of Tilburg as a student city."


With SSH joining the Covenant, the collaboration between the parties involved is strengthened and another step has been taken towards better accommodation for students in Tilburg.

"We hope that this will enable us to achieve the target number of housing units by the end of 2024"

- Paulina Snijders

Paulina Snijders, Vice-President of the Tilburg University Executive Board: “We are very pleased that SSH has joined the Student Accommodation Covenant. We look forward to collaborating and to the SSH’s commitment to realize hundreds of additional student units. We hope that this will enable us to achieve the target number of housing units by the end of 2024.”

SSH currently has two locations in Tilburg: Trouwhof and Talentsquare. At Talentsquare, SSH has studios and rooms. Trouwhof only has apartments. In the future, SSH wants to offer more ('shared') student rooms in Tilburg.

Souffian Toullis, team manager at SSH in Tilburg: “An important part of life as a student is making new friends. That is why we think it is important to offer rooms with a shared living area. This makes it easier for students to meet their housemates."

SSH is a specialist in student accommodation and offers over 19,000 student rooms and apartments in Utrecht, Tilburg, Rotterdam, Zwolle, and Groningen.