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Statement suspended promotion

Published: 20th December 2021 Last updated: 21st December 2021

An opinion was published on the Univers website about a recent defense of a PhD thesis where the doctorate was not awarded. This opinion and this exceptional event have raised many questions.

Not granting a doctorate after a public defense is very unusual. We regret this very unexpected and disappointing outcome for all concerned and in particular for the PhD candidate involved. The university is doing its utmost, in consultation with all parties involved, to help the PhD candidate and to ensure the speedy and successful completion of this PhD project. Sound agreements have been made in this regard. In close consultation with the graduate school, the PhD supervisors and the PhD candidate, the PhD candidate will be supervised in preparing for another defense opportunity. It has been the Doctorate Board’s decision to grant the candidate another opportunity to defend the thesis.

Within the framework of the PhD Regulations, the members of the PhD Committee and the Chairman of the PhD Committee during the PhD Defense Ceremony have acted conscientiously in this exceptional situation. According to the PhD Regulations, the degree is awarded after a public defense, which is therefore part of the process of awarding a doctoral degree.

The Doctorate Board of Tilburg University