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Universities in the Netherlands present alternative Student Cabinet

Published: 29th March 2021 Last updated: 29th March 2021

Not a coalition agreement to last for four years, but a long-term plan, based on scientific knowledge. The universities in the Netherlands have presented an alternative coalition agreement – right after the Dutch parliamentary elections and at the start of the formation of a new Cabinet. Fourteen students form the first Dutch Student Cabinet and each represent a Minister’s portfolio with a suitable plan for the future of the Netherlands.

“It will be impossible to solve all issues within four years. What will our country, and the world, look like in 30 years’ time? Or in 50? What choices need to be made now to ensure that we will be able to live in a healthy, happy, and sustainable way in the future? The Student Cabinet is going to help here,” says Timon Metz, Master’s student at Twente University and the first Prime Minister of the Dutch Student Cabinet.

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Plans based on science

In a policy plan, the student Ministers present plans for a sustainable future. They give their views of social themes whereby innovation, technology, science, and universities play a crucial role. Not based on politics, guided by the issues of the day or the wish to please voters, but based on sound research and informed by scientific knowledge.

Bordesfoto studentenkabinet

New Ministerial posts

The ministerial posts show that the alternative Cabinet takes a fresh new look to the future. For instance, the students have introduced, among others, a Minister Data & Privacy, Healthy Living, Innovation, the New Data Works, Inclusive, Sustainable Economy, and LOVE (Landbouw, Omgeving, Voedsel en Energie, Agriculture, Spatial Planning, Food, and Energy).

Tilburg student Minister

Each university provides one Minister for the Student Cabinet. Tilburg University put forward Nikki Snels as the Minister of Social Affairs and Employment. She studied Labor Law & Employment at Tilburg University and graduated in Law. The transfer to the job market is central in her policy plan. Her targets: “a transition fund for a smooth transfer to a new job and suitable work for everyone in a flexible job market.”