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Tilburg Science Hub – Conduct your research differently

Published: 23rd April 2021 Last updated: 31st May 2021

Hannes Datta, Tobias Klein and Andrea Antonacci (TiSEM) have developed Tilburg Science Hub, an online resource that helps individual students, researchers, data scientists, and teams to carry out data- and computation-intensive projects efficiently.

Tilburg Science Hub provides information about workflow and data management and tutorials on how to organize and document data and code, so the research becomes sustainable and reproducible. This in turn leads to time savings and transparency in the process. Researchers and students are invited to use this resource and contribute to it as well.


Tilburg Science Hub gives you the tools and guidance to be in control and save time in your empirical research projects. – Hannes Datta


Who is TSH for?

First, (research master and PhD) students will be able to quickly become operational and learn not only about how to properly code a specific algorithm but also how to address specific marketing-related problems.

Second, academics will be able to (1) reproduce published work in a more efficient way and (2) identify codes that might be useful for them and appropriately use them and (3) potentially become contributors to the repository at little cost.

Third, companies interested in marketing analytics will be able to get efficient training to state-of-the-art marketing analytics tools (published in top marketing journals), and access to code which they could understand and adapt to their own situation


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