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Tilburg University launches ‘Innovate your Education’

Published: 10th July 2020 Last updated: 10th July 2020

Tilburg University invests in educational innovation to educate students to become professionals and leaders in a society in which digitization and diversity play a major role. In order to support educational innovation and elicit innovative educational ideas, Tilburg University established EDUiLAB, the Educational Innovation Lab. This week, EDUiLAB launches the ‘Innovate your Education’ program.

Innovate your Education

With the Innovate your Education program, EDUiLAB stimulates and supports instructors and Program Directors who want to innovate within their course or program. The innovative ideas of the instructors are the key to this.

However, innovation means an investment in time and resources. That is why Tilburg University now makes it possible to submit an educational innovation project proposal and receive support by means of funding and educational expertise and guidance.

Educational innovation projects

The educational innovation projects for which support may be requested aim to design or redesign a new engaging/activating online or offline course/program, use an innovative didactical element in the course or program, or make use of innovative tools or develop an innovative assessment method. The review committee will assess the projects for educational relevance, sustainability, knowledge sharing, and innovation. The first approved projects will start in the next academic year.