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Tilburg University offers lecturers help in realizing knowledge video clips

Published: 05th March 2021 Last updated: 05th March 2021

Making educational videos and recording lectures are methods that are currently very popular among lecturers. Another useful method is knowledge video clips: short videos (6 minutes maximum) explaining a specific theme, theory, or concept. The clip can contain animation, footage of a speaker, or a combination of the two. The knowledge video clip is short and to the point and offers a nice opportunity to add variety to the teaching repertoire.

Students experience knowledge clips positively

ResearchNed conducted a survey among HBO and WO students at the beginning of 2021, commissioned by ISO (Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg): "Students' experiences with remote teaching and testing during corona" (Dutch). This shows that 72% of the students think that a pre-recorded video clip or knowledge clip is a suitable form of education and 66% of the students would like to see that the pre-recorded video clips or knowledge clips are also maintained after the corona. Tilburg University therefore supports teachers in realizing knowledge clips through the 'Pilot Knowledge Clips'. 

Knowledge video clips pilot

In September, Tilburg University started a Knowledge video clips pilot, whereby lecturers were enabled to develop a professional animation video with the help of student-assistants. It offers lecturers the opportunity to make professional knowledge video clips, avoiding large time investment, high costs, and complex knowledge of video editing.

The pilot offers the possibility of educational guidance, professional voice-overs, and subtitles and the Tilburg University house style is used for the look and feel. Use is made of animation in the video clips. Since they do not contain any footage of lecturers or other speakers, the video clips can be used more widely.

Why a knowledge video clip?

A knowledge video clip can be used for various purposes, e.g., to further explain or to visualize a tough subject in a course, to summarize a lecture or to provide more in-depth information on a specific theme. One big advantage of a good knowledge video clip is that it is a sustainable product that can be used in lectures for years to come.

Sign up now for the Knowledge video clips pilot

In recent months, the first knowledge video clips have been realized by student-assistants. Lecturers who want to realize a knowledge video clip can sign up for the pilot. After registration and submission of texts, a professionally animated knowledge video clip will be created in approximately two weeks.

Sign up  (for Tilburg University lecturers)

How to produce a knowledge clip? [2.12 minutes]

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