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Tilburg University starts new master's program: Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

Published: 07th May 2020 Last updated: 12th May 2020

As of September 2020, Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences (TSHD) will offer a new master's program in Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence. This master follows the bachelor Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence, which was started in September 2019. The program distinguishes itself from other programs within artificial intelligence by a strong link with human cognition. In addition, the program pays attention to the ethical and moral aspects of artificial intelligence.

Program content
This two-year course in English focuses on artificial intelligence, human cognition and technological innovation. Students study the operation of intelligent systems such as self-learning robots and software that can support human functions. The multidisciplinary program focuses on various aspects of intelligence, such as reasoning, learning, perception, communication and collaboration. The program distinguishes itself from other programs within artificial intelligence by a strong link with human cognition. In addition, the program pays attention to the ethical and moral aspects of artificial intelligence. 

One of the basic principles of the program is learning by doing. Among other things, students carry out projects in collaboration with scientists and external parties. The education is offered within a state-of-the-art environment. Some of the lectures take place in Mindlabs, for example. These labs are equipped for research in the field of robotics and avatars, serious games, natural language and data technologies, and virtual and mixed reality. 

The two-year program builds on the basic knowledge in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science that students must have acquired during their bachelor's program. In the second year of the program there is room for a research internship at home or abroad. Students conclude their program with an advanced research project that culminates in a thesis.
Labor market
Developments in the field are rapid and there is a great need for specialists who look at the issues within artificial intelligence from multiple perspectives. Knowledge and skills in the field of AI are of great value for domains such as e-services, virtual intelligent assistants in healthcare, training/education, governance, smart design, smart industry, computer aided decision-making and consumer intelligence. The master's program in Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence fits well  with these aspects.

The program is part of the KION network (Artificial Intelligence Programs in the Netherlands). 
More information
For more information please contact spokesperson Tineke Bennema, and tel 06 19678521. See further about the Master's program Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence, the website. Registration for enrollment in September 2020 is still possible.