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Tilburg University’s EDUiLAB Innovation Room wins EUNIS award 2021

Published: 11th June 2021 Last updated: 11th June 2021

In January 2021, EDUiLAB’s Innovation Room was completed on the Tilburg University campus. EDUiLAB’s Innovation Room is the place where education and innovation converge at Tilburg University. The Innovation Room has won the EUNIS AV Award in the category of ‘Best AV-enabled multifunction educational space’.

Every year, EUNIS presents this internationally recognized award to innovative concepts in higher education. This year, Tilburg University has won in the category of ‘Best AV-enabled multifunction educational space’, which recognizes innovative use of audiovisual technology to enhance learning. Tilburg University has proudly presented the Innovation Room at the EUNIS Congress. You can download the presentation slides here.

Aukje Leufkens, Operational Manager of EDUiLAB and one of the driving forces behind the realization of the Innovation Room, is very pleased. “We are thrilled to have received this award, albeit online. It is the icing on the cake after EDUiLAB was able to realize the Innovation Room."


"We are proud to have achieved our objective of creating a flexible, multifunctional space that invites collaboration, learning, and innovation supported by new technologies. We look forward to bringing new inspiration to education by means of the Innovation Room. Let's innovate education together.”

Innovation Room
For EDUiLAB, Tilburg University’s Educational Innovation Lab, the Innovation Room is its new home. It is dominated by a 7 meter-long interactive whiteboard equipped with several high-resolution cameras, professional-grade displays, long-range microphones, and a high-end audio system. At a touch of a button, the solution facilitates intuitive distance and hybrid collaboration that gives everyone an equal opportunity to participate. Together, students, instructors, and staff can continue to learn and innovate, regardless of their physical location.

Besides these AV technologies, the quality furniture aims to facilitate different forms of collaboration for up to 30 people. The different elements of the furniture can quickly be adjusted as desired to create a theater, individual, or small group-work setting. The four desks can easily be turned into standing tables or be used as whiteboards for small group brainstorming. All these facilities make this a multifunctional space.

Unique AV solution
This pioneering idea, in which Logitech, Epson, Smit Visual and Extron within the LearnAnywhere consortium have collaborated, has resulted in the creation of an AV solution that was, until recently, unique in the Netherlands. No other spaces offered the multiple learning experiences provided by EDUiLAB to instructors and learners alike. Waves of inspiration have already reached other educational institutions in the country. LearnAnywhere has since installed similar solutions at two other universities.

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