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Large international conference on Regulation, Law & Technology

Published: 15th May 2019 Last updated: 29th June 2020

'Regulating a world in transition', 15-17 May 2019

Technology is transforming society on many fronts. In recent years, we have seen the sustained move from atoms to bits, rise of social media and the sharing economy, and the rapid development of cloud computing, big data, smart devices, and robotics.

TILTing Perspectives 2019 at Tilburg University is organizing a conference on Regulation, Law & Technology on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. With almost 300 participants during three days it is the largest international conference that Tilburg University has ever hosted on this subject, with an impressive series of lectures on, among others, Data Protection, Intellectual Property, Global Justice, Data Markets, Responsibility in Artificial Intelligence.

Along with these developments we see a continuous stream of new legal and regulatory issues. For every problem solved, two new problems seem to surface.

For the 6th time TiLT brings together researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and civil society at the intersection of law and regulation, technology, and society to share insights, exchange ideas and formulate, discuss and suggest answers to contemporary challenges related to technological innovation.

The conference 'Regulating a world in transition' will include plenary sessions, parallel sessions, and panel discussions with invited speakers, as well as presentations from respondents to a call for papers.

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