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Renovated Vigilant building to be central location for Security and Reception

Published: 02nd August 2021 Last updated: 02nd August 2021

Security and Reception at Tilburg University will again be accommodated in one central location, as they were in the past. After the renovation of Vigilant building, which is due to start in September, both services will be located in the same building once more. During the renovation activities, Security will be temporarily housed in K9, in Koopmans building.

Concentrating Security and Reception in one place was not the only reason to renovate the building. The inside and the equipment are quite outdated and the building is at the end of its technical lifespan.

From energy label E to C

Thanks to the renovation, the building’s energy label will jump from level E to level C. This will be achieved by better insulation, but mainly by installing a heat pump to heat and cool the building. Vigilant is the first existing building on campus where this technique will be applied.

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