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Vote for Irmgard Borghouts for the You Go Girl Award 2021 for expert women in media

Published: 03rd January 2022 Last updated: 03rd January 2022

Labor market expert Irmgard Borghouts has been nominated for the You Go Girl Award 2021. The award is for expert women who raise their profile in the media. You can help her win by voting for her.

Irmgard Borghouts wants to organize work and social security for all workers regardless of the type of employment relationship. The corona crisis has shown even more sharply how important it is to be able to be flexible on the labor market when things go wrong. Together with Charissa Freese, Borghouts occupies the HRM and Social Security chair at both Tilburg Law School and Tilburg School for Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Irmgard Borghouts

The You Go Girl Award is an initiative of the Dutch media platform VIDM and speakers bureau ZijSpreekt. In addition to the annual Woman in the Media Award, they also present the You Go Girl Award. It is an inspiration award, for which expert women are nominated who are visible in the media. Labor market expert Irmgard Borghouts is one of eight nominees.

Vote for Irmgard Borghouts between January 3rd and 28th at (in Dutch)