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We UNiTE to end violence against women

Published: 25th November 2022 Last updated: 25th November 2022

Did you know that around the world 1 in 3 women suffer violence at some point in their lives? To draw attention to this shocking and unacceptable statistic, Tilburg University supports the global Orange the World campaign between November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and December 10, Human Rights Day. In that 16-day period, some of Tilburg University’s buildings, like those of hundreds of other organizations in the Netherlands, light up orange to symbolize a brighter future, free of violence.


In the Netherlands, too, women continue to suffer violence. A staggering 45% of Dutch women suffer physical, sexual, or psychological abuse, and over 75% experience sexual harassment at some point in their lives. Tilburg University aspires to be a safe learning and working environment, and that is why in addition to making this statement we are working hard to optimize social safety on our own campus. 

New vision on social safety 

Our new vision on social safety is crystal clear: undesirable and transgressive behavior will not be tolerated. Be it women or anyone else who suffer such behavior. Regardless of anyone’s background, education, gender, age, or position, to Tilburg University recognizing and rewarding merit is paramount. For everyone to be themselves and feel free to follow their own growth path. To us these conditions are indispensable for enabling high-quality education and research.  

Measures to foster a safe learning and working environment 

To eliminate undesirable and transgressive behavior, several measures will be implemented in the coming years. We are updating our code of conduct, building an easy-to-find network of assistance and support professionals, and investing in collaboration and responsible leadership. We will also be working to improve communication among and between our students and staff about desirable and undesirable behavior. Should people experience feelings of unsafety after all, we will take action to intervene early.  

Do you feel unsafe? 

We are doing everything we can to ensure everyone feels safe on our campus. But despite our best efforts, such undesirable behavior as sexual harassment, aggression, violence, bullying, or discrimination may still occur. If it does, check out our web page about social safety to find out whom to contact and what can be done.