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Willem Marie Speelman new professor of Franciscan Studies Center

Published: 01st October 2021 Last updated: 01st October 2021

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Dr. Willem Marie Speelman has been appointed as of September 1 by the Board of the Special Chairs Foundation of Tilburg University as an endowed professor of Franciscan Spirituality, Theology and History of the Franciscan Study Center. That center is located at the Tilburg School of Catholic Theology (TST). His appointment is for a period of five years.

Willem Marie Speelman (1960) is the third professor associated with the Franciscan Study Center after Theo Zweerman and Gerard Pieter Freeman. He has been director of this center since 2014. Speelman graduated cum laude in theology in Tilburg in 1991 and then spent several years associated with the Catholic faculty as a researcher. In 1995 he obtained his doctorate cum laude. He took a course in Practical Formation Pastoral Care in Tilburg and has a long experience in the field of pastoral care. He is also chairman of the training committee of (TST). From 1995 to 2002 he was a scientific associate for the National Council for Liturgy. 

Focus on current issues

Speelman focuses his attention on the relevance of Franciscan spirituality to thorny issues of current concern, particularly in the areas of sustainability, care, leadership and poverty. Willem Marie Speelman is a member of the Order of Franciscan Seculars. 

For further information, please contact or 0615661563.