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Winners Teacher of the Year, Impact Award and Dean's Den Pitch

Published: 30th August 2021 Last updated: 21st July 2022

During the celebration of the Opening of the Academic Year 2021 on August 30 in the auditorium, several awards were presented. The Impact Award for research with societal relevance, was bestowed on the team of Professor Max Louwerse of Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences for the project SpaceBuzz. The winner of the Teacher of the Year award is Tila Pronk of Social Psychology of the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. And student Alp Kirec, also from this school, received the award for the best pitch in the Dean's Den for the Strategic Plan.

​​​​​Vice President of the Executive Board Paulina Snijders presented the Impact Award and Teacher of the Year Award during the ceremony. With these prizes, the university shows that valorization and quality of education are top priorities. 

Impact award 2021


The long list of the Impact Award was established by a jury previously.  From the shortlist of three projects, the audience and viewers of the livestream chose the winner: the SpaceBuzz. In this project, children learn about the fragility of the planet through a VR journey in a replica rocket. The team received 10,000 euros.

Teacher of the Year

The next prize, for Teacher of the Year, co-organized by Fraction Sam, was awarded to Tila Pronk. She was elected by many student votes and the jury. From the jury report on her lectures: "There was interaction and feedback and the lectures were held in short clips. She also organized question hours in Zoom. Her approach resonated with students' perceptions.'

Teacher of the Year 2021
Winnaar Dean Den

Dean's Den Pitch

Finally, student Alp Kirec won the prize for the best pitch with his sustainability plan for the reuse of textiles by Tilburg University, located in a former textile city. The deans chose his plan together. Kirec's pitch will get a place in the Strategic Plan for the next five years and he won 500 euros.

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