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WORK&MOVE: employee well-being software

Published: 20th July 2020 Last updated: 20th July 2020

Since 2012 Tilburg University has been using anti-RSI software CtrlWORK. Our supplier has been busy in recent years developing a completely new software package, called WORK & MOVE employee well-being software. This renewed software made us decide to switch to the pause software Work & Move. This can be downloaded from now on in our SoftwareCenter. More information can be found on our website (see link below).

The software has many more features compared to CtrlWORK (more content, SitStand COACH, questionnaires, gamification, feedback etc.).  WORK & MOVE is the personal coach, ensuring sufficient alternation between concentrated screen work and mental and physical movement. Due to the corona crisis, we are often tied to working from home and many notice that they work at home for too long without interruption, resulting in complaints. Work & Move can then be a good tool to prevent working too long without interruption.

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