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Worldwide research: regulatory responses to COVID-19

Published: 31st May 2021 Last updated: 01st June 2021

Researchers of Dutch Open University (Tom Herrenberg, Ronald Janse, Mirjam van Schaik) are cooperating with researchers from Tilburg University (Maurice Adams) and the University of Amsterdam (Samantha Daniels) to draw up an inventory of Dutch legal responses in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. The researchers are preparing a country report for the international project 'Lex-Atlas: Covid-19. A global academic project mapping legal responses to Covid-19'.

Source: Open University

Laws and other measures

Countries have responded in various ways to the challenges of the pandemic. The questions are largely the same: when to invoke emergency laws, which public health measures to take, what to do about the disruption of instutions, social and welfare policy. The project Lex-Atlas: Covid-19. A Comparative Study of National Legal Responses to Covid-19 will provide an inventory and analysis of the legal response to these questions in a great number of countries. The countries vary in income level, inequality of income and in legal and political systems.

Country reports

The results will be published in reports per country, discussing a wide array of subjects. These include access to justice, civil liberties, social support and health measures. In 2021 the reports will be updated regularly as developments unfold. The results will be useful to academics, policy makers and civil society alike. Hopefull they will allow for evaluations and better preparations to future global health problems. 

The database is available at Lex-Atlas: Covid-19. A resulting compendium will be published by Oxford University Press.