Week without meat

Join the National Meatless Week

Published: 09th March 2020 Last updated: 09th March 2020

March 9-15th is the National Meatless Week. Consuming less meat has a very positive impact on humans, animals and the environment alike.

Not consuming any meat for one week has the potential to save the greenhouse gas equivalent of 76 km of driving and 130 liters of water. The Sustainability Factory –the Green Office within Tilburg University- wants to encourage students and staff to participate in this week by being conscious of their meat intake and preferably reduce it.

Food suppliers on campus will support the week. Sodexo for example changes their standard ratio of 1/3 vegetarian and 2/3 meals with meat to the other way around. 

Launch on the Campus

The week will be launched on Monday the 9th of March, from 12:30-13:30 across the Library. Show up and join your support of conscious food choices whilst enjoying a vegetarian snack and some up-beat music.

More information about National Meatless Week (in Dutch).