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Dave De ruysscher (Tilburg Law School) elected as member Flemish ‘Young Academy’

Published: 21st February 2019 Last updated: 11th April 2019

Dave De ruysscher (Tilburg Law School, Free University of Brussels) has been elected as a member of the Flemish ‘Young Academy’. He will be inaugurated on Tuesday March 12 in the Palace of the Academies in Brussels. The Young Academy has elected eleven new members this year.

Dave De ruysscher’s research focuses on the past relationships between law, trade, and the economy. He sets great store by detailed research of sources and employing an empirical approach. Besides these research interests, he is also interested in interdisciplinarity and science policy, including open science/open access.

The Young Academy (‘Jonge Academie’) is part of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts. It is an interdisciplinary, inter-university meeting place for young top-level researchers and artists, each with their own personal angles on science, society, art, and policy. It aims to contribute to the way people view science, and to the debate on science policy, specifically from the perspective of young academics and artists, and it does so through presenting points of view and opinions, and by organizing events on topical issues.    

Together with ten other new members, Dave De ruysscher will be inaugurated on Tuesday, March 12, in the Palace of the Academies in Brussels. The membership ends on March 31, 2024.