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Pre-Bachelor’s program for refugee students funded by OPZuid

This year a second cohort of refugee students has started the Tilburg University pre-Bachelor’s program. As this intensive program does not fall within the University’s regular Bachelor’s-Master’s degree structure, OPZuid, a European subsidy program for the three southern provinces of the Netherlands, has granted a two-year subsidy to Tilburg University. The fifteen participating students aim to secure entry to a Dutch university degree program in one year’s time. Because of the OPZuid grant the program can be continued and include a traineeship that offers these students job prospects.

Last year the first cohort of refugee students completed their pre-Bachelor’s program. The aim of the program is to prepare highly educated asylum permit holders for academic education in the Netherlands. The program was created through the collaboration of the Foundation for Refugee Students (UAF), the City of Tilburg, and Tilburg University. UAF seeks to ensure that permit holders put their talents to best use. The City of Tilburg is committed to this collaboration and for that reason entered into a covenant with UAF last year.

The educational objective of the pre-Bachelor’s program is to prepare refugee students for an academic degree program by improving their mastery of the core subjects Dutch, English, and maths. By following the program, students also improve their study skills, expand their network, make an informed choice for a degree program, and develop their academic skills. During the program, they also complete their civic integration.

For more information please contact Tilburg University spokesperson Tineke Bennema at or at +31 6 19678521.