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New printers - information for students

Published: 25th March 2019 Last updated: 25th April 2019

There are 90 multi functional printers (MFP) on campus. With these printers you can print, copy or scan documents in black and white or color. You can send a print job from a student desktop, your own laptop/notebook. You sign up at a printer using your Tilburg University card; the card reader is integrated in the printers. The printers have a clarifying instruction sticker on top, which enables you to get started quickly.

Together with the new printers a new printing portal is going to be introduced.

When you log in to this portal you can:

  • top up your print credit online, e.g. using iDEAL
  • choose automatic top-up, to make sure you will always have enough print credit
  • request a refund of your remaining print credit

New ways to print, copy and scan

To print from your own laptop you can use the new TiU Internet Printer. You can install this printer when you log in to the new print portal. Want to print from a study place? Then choose the new TiU Printer. This printer is going to be installed automatically on every study place. Note: you will have to select this printer manually in your printer menu.

The e-wallet

Attention! Since April, you can only use your credit for printing and no longer to pay for products from the vending machines and you will need to use your debit card to buy these products. Any credit that was still in your 'e-wallet' has been transferred to the new system and can be recovered via the printing portal. Surveyors (as well as employees) can ask for a refund by sending an email to: DFBMOC@UVT.NL with the following information: Name, Address, Postal code, Residence, Username, Bank account (IBAN), ANR (if applicable).