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Mariia Shaidrova awarded NWO Research Talent 2018 grant for migration research

Published: 21st June 2018 Last updated: 10th April 2019

Mariia Shaidrova, researcher at INTERVICT, has been awarded a NWO Research Talent 2018 grant for her PhD proposal on 'The persistence of risky migration patterns: a comparative study of Eritrean and Nigerian migration to Europe.'

Her research will focus on how migrants assess and share information on risky migration throughout the mobility process and understand on how migrants perceive the information they receive is lacking.

Mariia's motivation for this research topic comes from her Migration Studies at the University of Amsterdam where she was triggered by the decision making of Ukrainian migrants. She wants to understand why migrants migrate, even though the risks associated with migration are extreme. She also has an interest in helping people and thinks her research could help policy makers. Mariia believes her research will contribute to the effectiveness of communicating to migrants and will provide information on how to manage the migration.