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JADS Crime Room – Unique collaboration using big data to cut back crime

Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS) is pleased to announce the launch of the Crime Room knowledge hub initiative. The Crime Room is a unique and innovative partnership between JADS and law enforcement and local authorities in the Brabant region.

It will integrate data science into crime fighting and community policing activities. Most importantly, this initiative will be looking to analyze and get a grip on the surge of organized crime that is steadily becoming a serious threat to the very fundaments of our society and the rule of law.

Map and counter organized crime

The region of Brabant is a thriving, high-tech region. It’s also a region that’s fast gaining the unwanted reputation of haven for thriving cannabis and synthetic drugs production. Criminal organizations running these illegal businesses, often also have a sideline in human trafficking and prostitution. Reason for the regional police, the prosecutor’s office and the city authorities of Tilburg, Breda and ‘s-Hertogenbosch to join forces and seek collaboration with JADS to find ways in which to successfully map and counter such organized crime.

Prof. dr. Willem-Jan van den Heuvel - Director of Studies JADS - will be heading the Crime Room initiative. The Crime Room will focus on short, cyclical research. While the Crime Room will stimulate knowledge growth and the development of relevant crime-busting algorithms, measurement of the results of preventative and repressive measures is the main goal.

Mariënburg campus in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Operating as an agile intelligence hub, the Crime Room will be located on Mariënburg campus in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. This regional public-private partnership aims to expand to become the national expert center on repressive and preventative measures and their effects on organized crime. Preventing, tracking and tracing of law- and society-undermining activities will be studied from the broadest perspective, including: behavioral science, law, big data and analytics. In a world in which criminal organizations operate across national borders, Crime Room research activities will also be partnering with European and international initiatives. An international conference is planned for the beginning of 2018, to be held on Mariënburg campus.


Data Science is becoming more and more essential to find answers to the challenges of our era. The Jheronimus Academy of Data Science is a unique concept in the Netherlands. At three different locations (TU Eindhoven, Tilburg University and Mariënburg Campus) Data Science can be studied, researched and applied through Bachelor and Graduate programs, PDeng education, Data Science Centers and incorporation into existing ecosystems. With this unique cooperation we create a new knowledge infrastructure with which Noord-Brabant puts itself at the heart of the future.