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TILT and TILEC merge

Published: 03rd December 2018 Last updated: 29th May 2019

The TLS board has announces today that of 1 December 2018 TILT and TILEC form a new department under the name of LTMS (Law, Technology, Markets, and Society). Head of Department will be Professor Ronald Leenes. The merger is the result of consultations with the members of both institutes and the university. With the combination of of various kinds of expertise at TILT and TILEC, LTMS has great potential to become the leading research group in Europe and beyond regarding regulation and governance of economic activity in a broad sense in an age where information technology is the key driver behind innovation in many domains.

TILT (Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society) is one of the leading research groups in Europe at the intersection of law, technology, and society. It is premised on the study of technology development and innovation from the perspective of unraveling potential and manifest societal issues and potential needs to intervene/regulate.

TILEC (Tilburg Law and Economics Center) is a leading center at the intersection of Tilburg Law School (TLS) and the Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM). TILEC studies the economic governance of economic activity, increasingly focusing on the information age.

Leenes: ‘After our inquiries and consultations, we concluded that there is a lot of complementarity between the two groups and significant synergies can be reached when both groups really get together and interact on a daily basis. The new team will address the interplay between innovation, regulation, and normative outlooks and cover the full spectrum of regulatory instruments of law, social norms, technology, and markets.We are confident that the collaboration with TiSEM TILEC members will benefit from the merger on the TLS side as well. We expect that a merger will produce a strong research team with global impact because it combines strong researchers with complementary skills and expertise.’

Prof. Panos Delimatsis of TILEC: 'TILEC has functioned to date as a joint venture between TLS and TiSEM. However, most TILEC members of TLS to were experts in economic, business and competition law. With the creation of the new department, TILEC economists, increasingly interested in the impact of technological advances on market structures and design, will have the opportunity to cooperate and fully exploit synergies with a broader set of legal scholars and social scientists working in areas such as privacy, cybersecurity or data protection. Such interdisciplinary collaboration could lead to more comprehensive research output of world-class quality, more coherent and socially relevant ideas for future research projects of larger scale and large-scale cooperation on equal footing with global leaders in the fields of technology, law, economics and market governance. In this respect, this merger brings the execution of TILEC’s vision and the cooperation between Tilburg University's leading schools to a whole new level.'