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€ 250,000 for research to overcome procrastination in pension decisions

The management of the scientific knowledge network Netspar has awarded a € 250,000 grant for the development and testing of a model for procrastination in pension decisions. The goal is to gain a better understanding of why people often avoid or advance these kinds of decisions. On the basis of research data, the researchers want to develop tools to overcome this inertia.

Recently proposed changes to the Dutch pension system entail more individual responsibility for individuals, so that people are also more confronted with choices. Insights from this new research by Marijke van Putten (Leiden University) and Marcel Zeelenberg (Tilburg University and VU Amsterdam) should help participants and pension providers to prepare for these changes, rather than avoiding them. The tools to be developed give tools on how to deal with this. In addition, the project offers relatively cheap and simple ways to build communication and choice architecture.

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