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Pre-Bachelor’s Program for Refugee Students Starts August 28

Tilburg University, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Tilburg, the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF, and the City of Tilburg signed a covenant on May 30 to mount a Pre-Bachelor’s program for refugee students with residence permits.

Rector Magnificus Emile Aarts: ‘We welcome this collaboration with several partners in the region, which resulted in a project in which we all show our social engagement. I hope that by following this program these students will be able to rebuild their lives.’

Tilburg University is the second university after VU Amsterdam to offer a Pre-Bachelor’s program to refugees with residence permits. Refugees with residence permits are allowed to accept jobs and to take educational programs in the Netherlands. The emphasis in the Pre-Bachelor’s program will be on Dutch, English and math. Next to these, a fair bit of attention will be paid to choosing a suitable study program, to study skills, and to the possibilities of receiving individual coaching.

Each year, a total of 18 refugee students with residence permits can take part in the program. Candidates are screened for admission on the basis of the diplomas they have obtained in their country of origin and on their general level. The Pre-Bachelor’s program starts on August 28 and lasts till the end of June 2018. If they have passed this Pre-Bachelor’s program, they can start on a program at a university or a university of applied sciences.