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Submit your paper online

Published: 06th September 2019 Last updated: 06th September 2019

From the academic year 2019/2020 onwards, students can no longer be required to submit hard copies of assignments. The University Council has decided that papers and other documents may be submitted online.

There are several advantages to handing in your assignment online.

  • You no longer have to go to the campus to submit an assignment;
  • not having to print your assignment saves you costs; and
  • it is better for the environment.

How do I hand in my assignment online?

It is up to teachers to decide which of the following options will be made available.

  • E-mail
  • Canvas
  • Turnitin
  • Google Docs

Hard copy after all?

Should your teacher ask you to hand in a printed version after all, remind him/her of the University Council’s decision. If your teacher still requires you to submit a printed version, please contact your program director.

Paperless is More

In the University Council meeting of November 7, 2014, student party Fractie SAM tabled the ‘Paperless is More’ initiative. They submitted a proposal to no longer oblige students to hand in their assignments in hard copy. The pilot project that took place as a result of this initiative was positively evaluated in the University Council meeting of November 14, 2016. In its last meeting, the University Council decided that students should be given the opportunity to submit papers and other documents online.